Game of Thrones Review: Home

Wow. That was some episode. It was definitely a better one than the season premiere. It was great to see some of the characters we haven’t seen for a long time finally return and the visions definitely added a lot, especially for book readers. But, who am I kidding. The moment everyone had been waiting for came at the very end. In another beautifully shot scene world’s worst kept secret was finally revealed. Jon Snow lives! While that didn’t come as a surprise to many. Or it least, it shouldn’t have. I do have a few issues with how it was handled. I mean, I understand the need for secrecy and the showrunners and actors don’t owe us anything. They don’t have to answer questions if they don’t want to. Now they do answer questions very willingly and that has everything to do with promotional purposes and putting yourself out there. That’s how the game works. I fully understand that. My issue is with the lies. I hated it when they did it with Star Trek and I hate it with Game of Thrones. I would have rather had them say nothing, refusing to answer the question instead of lying to the fans. The first interviews with Kit Harrington and others explaining the situation are already coming out but I will never be a fan of how they handled it. But even though I might not be happy with the lies, I am happy with the episode. So let us talk about Home.


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What happened

Bran sees his father, Benjen, Lyanna and Hodor in one of his visions. Hodor was called Wyllis and was able to talk. Bloodraven takes Bran out of the vision and warns him about the dangers of staying in a vision for too long. Brienne tells Sansa that Arya is still alive. Theon decides it’s better for him to head home than to go with them to the wall. At Kings Landing Cersei is stopped by the guards when she is on her way to her daughter’s funeral. On Tommens orders. At the sept Tommen talks with Jaime. He tells his son to finally go see his mother. When Tommen leaves Jaime has an encounter with the High Sparrow. Jaime considers taking him out but the presence of the faith militant changes his mind. Tommen apologizes to his mother and asks her to teach him how to be stronger.


At Winterfell Roose gets word that Walda has given birth to a son. Upon hearing this Ramsay stabs is father in the heart as the new Lord Karstark looks on. Ramsay sends for Walda and her new-born son and he takes her to the kennel where he has his dogs eat them. In Mereen we learn more about Tyrion’s knowledge about dragons. He ends up setting the two in captivity free and he is not eaten. On Pyke Balon says he wants to continue the war even though Yara tries to convince him of the futility. When he storms out he encounters his brother Euron on the other end of the rope bridge. Euron kills Balon. At the funeral Yara expects to be the new Lord of the Iron Islands as she was Balon’s heir but the priest says there will be a Kingsmoot. At the Wall time is up and Thorne and his men start breaking in the door. Edd arrives with the wildings and thanks to Wun Wun the Night’s Watch hardly resists and the mutineers are imprisoned. Davos asks Melisandre if she knows magic to resurrect Jon. She is still having a crisis of faith and isn’t inclined to do anything but he convinces her. At first nothing seems to happen but as the ritual is over and everyone leaves the room Ghost stirs and Jon awakens.


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What I liked

Jon is back. Finally! Even though it was the world’s worst kept secret as I have said before it was still great to see it finally happening. And even though most knew what was coming the scene was still very suspenseful. Welcome back Jon! Tyrion’s story about how he was crazy about dragons when he was a child was a very sweet and cruel story. That moment when he touches one of the dragons before he unchains it was great. I’m also happy that Arya’s predicament seems to be over. Jaime’s scene with the High Sparrow was also good. And that vision at Winterfell. I want more! Oh, and Wun Wun! What?!


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What I didn’t like

I don’t fully understand why Davos is so strongly Team Jon all of a sudden. He didn’t know Jon very well and he hated magic. So for him to be the reason why it all happens? It’s a bit odd. I also don’t understand why Brienne didn’t tell Sansa that she had seen Arya with the Hound. Is there a reason for her to leave that out? I don’t think so. I also didn’t care for the scene between Cersei and Tommen that much.


What I’m looking forward to

Theon arriving on Pyke and the Kingsmoot. More Euron. Cray cray Euron! I can’t wait to see what action Jaime is going to take against the Faith Militant. And of course The Return of the Stark! I can’t wait for him to confront the mutineers, meet Sansa and maybe even Rickon. And the battle with the Boltons. Bring it on!



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Notes from the Ravens

  • Roose has been asking for it for a while and know he got what he asked for. He was cruel himself but I still feel sort of bad for him
  • But poor Walda and the baby…
  • I can understand why Meera feels useless and is so sullen. I hope things change for her soon
  • I’m more curious now to find out what happened to Hodor
  • Jon is back. Between him, Sansa and Arya everyone on my list of people I wish to die should be dead soon
  • Respect to Tyrion for doing what he did. It takes some big balls and a lot of wine to do something like that
  • But why is Yara not the heir. Her father named her heir and he even threatened to find another in this very episode. Nothing pointed towards her claim being challenged or not even valid at all!

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