Person of Interest Review: B.S.O.D.

It was a strange off season for our beloved show. The uncertainty of renewal came first. Even though the ratings were pretty decent and the critics liked the show okay there was a very long silence from CBS regarding their best drama. Then, the word finally came that there would be a season 5 but the rumors were that it was going to be a shortened season. This was confirmed later, though the exact episode order and whether it would be Person of Interest’s final outing was still unclear. So the fans had to do some more waiting. In the end it was confirmed that Team Machine would only get 13 episodes to take down Samaritan and CBS was going to air multiple episodes a week. That really feels like the Eye is washing its hands of Person of Interest as fast as they can and as I have said before this show deserves way better than that. But, it’s not the time for a rant about how much I hate CBS or how much better this show is than their beloved procedural crap like CSI, CSI: New York, NCIS and NCIS: Mars or whatever. Let’s talk about one of the most underrated shows on television and the very decent season premier.



What happened

B.S.O.D. begins where YHWH left off. Root, Reese and Finch are all on the run from Samaritan. The Machine is still in a briefcase and they need to get back to their subway hideout as soon as possible. Reese kicks some ass and Finch helps a hand when he is down. They take the ferry and later finally make it back to the hideout. But Root hasn’t made it. Finch realizes that the Machine has no more power and when Reese has left to find Root the Machine overloads and Finch gets a shock which knocks him out while a fire breaks out. Root makes it to a workplace of a Russian gangster she helped getting out of Russia. She asks him for a new passport but he betrays her to Samaritan. When the Samaritan operatives show up Reese come to the rescue. They steal gaming consoles they will need to help revive the Machine. Back at the hideout Root and Finch manage to have the Machine decompress and after it overloads again Reese gets cooling liquid form outside. The episode ends with the Machine rebooting.

Fusco has a predicament of his own.  He is under investigation for killing Dominic. He explains that he didn’t shoot him but the FBI comes with a ballistics report showing otherwise but they suddenly rule it a good shooting and Fusco is off the hook. In flashbacks we see interactions between Finch and the Machine. We see what led him to the decision of having the Machine wipe its own memory ever night. We also see Grace again.

Person_of_Interest B.S.O.D.11

What I liked

This episode had everything that makes Person of Interest good. Action and general badassery, cheesy one-liners, near-campy humour, loads of suspense, overarching philosophical themes, great flashbacks, emotion, struggle and a few twists and turns. All of Finch’s flashbacks were great and emotional. Form the beginning the showrunners have said that the Machine will become a character of its own and it has never been more the case than in B.S.O.D. As always it was great to see Grace again however brief it was. And it was great to see Bear again too of course. The actions sequences were powerful especially John’s hand to hand combat fights. The opening scene was perfect and that song by the kills? Also perfect. And that song! I love Ramin Djawadi (composer) and whoever picks out the music for this show.

Person_of_Interest B.S.O.D.9

What I didn’t like

There wasn’t a specific thing but it’s more an overall feeling. This show has had amazing season premieres and brilliant episodes like Relevance and If-Then-Else. So when Person of Interest starts its final run I expect a classic episode. And even though this was a very decent episode I was expecting more. It was good but I was expecting more than great. And we have had that so it’s not like they are not capable of it.


What I’m looking forward to

To find out in what kind of shape the Machine is, what it’s going to do to stop Samaritan and if the team will agree with whatever measures the machine is going to take. The Return of Shaw and that moment, if it comes, where Harold and Grace are reunited.


Person_of_Interest B.S.O.D.12

Messages from Edward Snowden

“You can just call me Root, Bitch!” Yaaas! Root is awesome. Marry me please!

That opening sequence was so amazing. The song you heard was No Wow by The Kills

Yay, Bear!

“What? Sugar is bad for you”

Speaking of that opening. Presumably what we saw was the very end of the show. It seems like Nolan is going to keep his promise and a lot of people will die.


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