Game of Thrones Review: Oathbreaker

The secret is out. Jon Snow lives as everyone already knew and was finally confirmed at the end of the previous episode. Many entertainment outlets blatantly posted pictures of Jon Snow’s resurrection and interview have been appearing where Kit Harington apologizes to the fans of Game of Thrones. The night is dark and full of spoilers. Most people know the internet is not a safe place when it comes to that. But, not everyone is able to watch the episodes immediately when they come out and for them it sucks because there is now way to avoid spoilers in the world we live in now. Entertainment Weekly for example, didn’t even wait until the next day before confirming that Jon Snow lives. Where most sites covering TV shows are usually more careful it seems that in this situation now one really is. Why is that? Is it because only the most naïve thought that he wasn’t coming back? I don’t know. But the cat is out of the bag and the Snow if off the table. So let’s talk about what happened in Oathbreaker.


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What happened

At the wall Jon awakes to the shock of Davos and Melisandre. Davos gives him a pep talk and Jon goes outside to show himself to the watch and the wildlings. After warm and funny moments with Edd and Tormund Jon turns to the mutineers. They are to die by hanging. Thornes stays true to himself with his last words. Jon Swings his sword and the four die. After the hanging he gives his Lord Commander cloak to Edd and leaves saying that his watch has ended. Arya continues her training with the Waif. She improves and in the end she blocks a strike of her harsh sparring partner. That does not please the Waif. Jaqen finally givers Arya her eyes back. Sam and Gilly are on a ship. Gilly thinks he is taking her to Oldtown but Sam admits he is taking her to his father’s house instead as there is no place for her at the Citadel.


The Smalljon Umber arrives at Winterfell asking help from Ramsay in fending of the Wildlings. When he refuses to say the oath or bend the knee Ramsay says he is unwilling to offer support. When the Smalljon gives him a gift, which consists of Osha, Rickon and Shaggydog’s severed head Ramsay is extremely pleased. Dany arrives in Vaes Dothrak where she is led to the Dosh Khaleen. Because she did not come to them directly after Drogo died she might not be allowed to join them but will be punished instead. In Mereen Varys finds out that the powers that be in Yunkai, Astapor and Volantis are funding the Sons of the Harpy. Tyrion opens a line of communication with them through Varys. Bran sees part of what happened at the Tower of Joy through a vision. He sees his father and Howland Reed arrive with four others. They have come for Lyanna Stark and are met by two Kingsguard including the legendary Ser Arthur Dayne. The fighting ensues and Arthur and Ned are the last two standing. They face off and Need is seriously outmatched. When Ned loses his sword and injured Howland Reed saves him. When Ned goes up to the tower the Three Eyed Raven ends the vision.


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What I liked

I very much liked the Tower of Joy scene. I have been waiting for that for a long time and the casting was good. The choreography was truly magnificent. A job well done. The scenes at the wall continue to be great. Everyone’s reaction to Jon’s resurrection, Thorne’s final words and Jon’s leaving. It was very good. The small council scene was good too.



What I didn’t like

Kings Landing still isn’t going anywhere. The High Sparrow keeps preaching. And I know it might be his job but he is basically saying the same thing over and over. Something needs to happen there for the plot to move forward. Also, Sam and Gilly. I know that we had to see them at least once before their arrival at Horn Hill but I would have rather they put that scene in the same episode as the arrival. Oh and Vaes Dothrak wasn’t all that interesting either.


What I’m looking forward to

What Jon does next and basically everything in the North. Littlefinger will be back so that promises to be good. Most of all I look forward to finally getting a star episode. We haven’t had that yet this season.




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Notes from the Ravens


“My watch has ended”. Good for you Jon. Now go and reunite with Sansa and kill Ramsay please? Thanks.


Poor Shaggydog. You were the one with the coolest name.


Tyrion’s conversation with Missandei and Grey Worm wasn’t very funny. Just awkward.


Where the hell is Drogon?


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