Person of Interest Review: SNAFU

I have said many things about my dislike for the (former) head of programming of CBS (Nina Tassler) so I’m not going to say a lot about that again. She has made questionable decisions which led to the demise of shows like Jericho. I’ve also said a lot about CBS’s treatment of Person of Interest so no need to go into details here either. It wasn’t great and the show deserved better. However, the ratings for the first episodes of the best show on CBS have come in and, truth be told, they aren’t great. Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that it was a good decision for CBS is cancel their best show. Nor was it good to have it premiere so late in the season and to air multiple episodes a week. All these factor in when it comes to the disappointing ratings. Things like that have an effect on audiences. But, I’m sure that the powers that be are patting themselves on the back when they see that only 5 million people watched SNAFU. The Eye is the number 1 of the big 4 and the ratings of Person of Interest pale in comparison to the network’s biggest shows. Some networks keep shows around because they like the quality of the show and think it caters to a certain part of its audience. Some might argue that Person of Interest were lucky to get to five seasons and CBS had reason to cancel it way earlier. Be that as it may, as a huge fan of this show I am disgruntled at the way one of my favourite shows was treated and that it is ending right now. But despite that, I will enjoy Team Machine’s Swan Song. Especially if the remaining episodes will be of the quality of episodes like SNAFU. Let’s talk about what happened in this very good episode.


Person_of_Interest SNAFU9


What happened

The Machine malfunctions and gives out 30 numbers most of which are not in any kind of trouble. The Machine is lost it time and has difficulty contextualizing. That makes it see Root, Finch and Reese as threats. It locks out Root and Finch and sends an assassin after Reese. To let Finch be able to reason with the Machine Root lets herself be made unconscious so that the Machine cannot use her cochlear implant against her. Finch helps the Machine put things into context and find its point in time again. It recognizes him as admin again but it cannot call off the hit on Reese. Reese manages to overpower the assassin and all is well that ends well. Fusco saves a family from being murdered be gangsters and the newspapers make him out to be a hero.


Person_of_Interest SNAFU13


What I liked

The facial recognition malfunctioning was hilarious. Especially Finch and Root were hilarious! Fusco was funny as ever in this episode and the action was nicely done. I feel like I keep repeating myself but the flashbacks were great again. I don’t think flashback s have added this much to a TV show since Lost. The showrunners are masterful in finding a light tone with episodes without it feeling like filler or anything. If one thing, the writers really know what kind of show Person of Interest truly is and that allows them to excel and make it better than most.


What I didn’t like

There was nothing to dislike about this one


Person_of_Interest SNAFU14


What I’m looking forward to

Now that the Machine seems to be fully functional it’s time for it to take action against Samaritan. We have now seen what the Machine is capable of when unshackled. I am curious to find out how far it will go, if Finch will accept the measures it deems necessary and if he doesn’t, if he will even be able to stop the Machine.




Person_of_Interest SNAFU12


Messages from Edward Snowden

Again the Machine seems more and more like a full fleshed character. It’s amazing how the writers have been able to do that and to make us care.


It was great to see how Finch thought the Machine to care.


The Fuscinator? Lol! And Reese in that bowling shirt? Priceless!


Oh, and Root’s shopping list. And Root wearing PJ’s? There was a lot of humour in this one.


Fusco has been left in the dark a lot and needs to do a lot of dirty work so he deserved his day in the sun.

Is there anything Amy Acker can’t do? I love her! :hearteyes


Now let’s have another look at that hilariousness now shall we…


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