Person of Interest Review: Truth Be Told

With ensemble show casting can sometimes become an issue. It’s difficult and expensive to keep a big group under contract and scheduling can become a nightmare. With a show like Game of Thrones, which has a ridiculously large cast, it become nearly impossible to have everyone available when necessary. So with the HBO monster hit a lot of actors have been recast and some of them for something as simple as scheduling conflicts. Lost was notorious for losing its cast member. Some of which were let go because of various drunk driving incidents but one of the things that made life difficult for the casting director was the logistics. For actors it was quite a commitment to be in Hawaii for 8 to 10 months out of the year. I know it might sound like paradise. Working on a hit show on an idyllic island but many actors can’t afford to be so far from L.A. for so long year after year and some just couldn’t be away from their families for such great lengths of time. Now, Person of Interest isn’t an ensemble show. The cast isn’t that large. But, the casting has always been on point and the many recurring characters the show has, all of the actors always seem willing to come back. And that’s a very good thing. Even Sarah Shahi, after giving birth to twins, decided to come back way sooner than she initially said she would. And with season 5 being this show’s last, thank God for that. Shaw will be back next episode but let us first talk about Truth Be Told.


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What happened

Team Machine receives a new number and it belongs to a Security Analyst named Alex who is looking into his brother’s death. His brother was a soldier and he wants to know what exactly happened. Alex steals classified information to find that out and this gets him in big trouble as the CIA sends agents after him to kill him. In flashbacks we see Reese’s boss at the CIA named Beal. He sends him and Kara on a mission to kill a soldier who is working with the Taliban and this soldier was Alex’s brother. Reese kills him and Kara finds the money he received from the Taliban. In present day Beal and his agents hunt down Alex but Reese saves him. Later Reese and Alex are captured. Reese tells Alex that his brother died a hero before they escaped. Reese can kill Beal but he lets him live. At the end Beal and Reese have a conversation. Beal promises not tell the CIA that he is alive.


Finch and Root retrieve a laptop with Samaritan’s malware installed on it. Despite Finch’s strong objections Root runs the malware. They analyse it to find out what it is actually meant to do.  Reese meets with Iris and he breaks up with her because he feels he cannot afford to have a normal live.


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What I liked

Reese’s backstory. It was good to see him in his CIA days again and every episode that has Kara in it is awesome. And Keith David was terrific in the episode as Beal. I loved it. I hope we get to see Beal again before the end. The final scene was very sad. I hate it that Reese breaks up with Iris but because of the juxtaposition with his ex I am pretty sure this was not the last we see of Iris.


Person_of_Interest Truth_Be_Told2


What I didn’t like

Again, nothing to dislike


What I’m looking forward to

Seeing Beal again. I hope it does happen. Where things will go with Reese and Iris in the end. That moment when Grace finally finds out that Finch is alive. And so much more.




Person_of_Interest Truth_Be_Told12


Messages from Edward Snowden


Root and Bear together. So cute!

How Beal described Reese at the end it’s almost like he knows about him and Team Machine. Does he?

I think I have forgotten to mention it this season but Ramin Djawadi is doing fantastic work again. Truly!

Root is right. If Team Machine is to beat Samaritan they have to start taking more risks.

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