Game of Thrones Review: Book of the Stranger

Daenerys has always been a fan favourite. She is that in the books and the same goes for the TV show. She began as a victim but rose to be a powerful ruler and conqueror and is the mother of dragons. But, for as much as she is loved a lot of people have issues with her storyline. In the A Song of Ice and Fire series there is a huge chunk of time spent on her trying to deal with resistance in Slaver’s Bay. Her marriage to Hizdar zo Loraq, the emergence of the Sons of the Harpy and more keep her far away from sailing to Westeros and A Dance With Dragons ends on a major cliff-hanger. A long the way some of her biggest fans got a bit tired of all the setback and the fact that she wasn’t in A Feast for Crows at all didn’t help either. In the TV show she obviously follows a similar path and similarly people got impatient and annoyed with her storyline. Especially her sense of entitlement and her constantly reminding everyone that she was going to take everything back with fire and blood irked a lot of viewers. But, now that the showrunners are clearly working toward the end we finally get to see Dany in a position of power again. In Book of the Stranger all Dany fans finally get what they have been waiting for and the moment is especially triumphant because she doesn’t use her dragons to achieve what she needs to achieve. It’s a powerful moment and I hope that she will be sailing to Westeros soon. Because even though Slaver’s Bay is not as boring as some people make it out to be, if there is one thing all Game of Thrones fans want, Dany fans or not, is for het to finally set foot on Westeros. But, I won’t be surprised if we won’t actually see that happening until the end of next season. So let us first talk about what happened in this episode.


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What happened

Theon arrives on Pyke and promises to support Yara during the Kingsmoot. At the Wall Sansa arrives and is reunited with Jon. Jon later receives a letter from Ramsay, who demands Sansa back and tells him he has Rickon. Jon is reluctant at first, but Sansa convinces him that they should take back Winterfell. In Winterfell Osha is brought to Ramsay. She tries to kill him but Ramsay kills her first. In King’s Landing Jaime and Cersei convince Kevan and Olenna to use Tyrell troops to oust the High Sparrow and the Fait Militant. Jorah and Daario arrive at Vaes Dothrak. They run into Dany but she refuses to leave with them and fight their way out. She has another plan. When the Khals meet to decide her faith she burns the temple down, killing all the Khals. When she exits the burning building unscathed the Dothraki bow to her.


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What I liked

The scenes at the Wall have been strong all season and this episode was no different. The reunion between Sansa and Jon gave me goosebumps! It was truly wonderful! I also like how Sansa has changed by all that has happened to her. Go Sansa! I’m also happy that someone is finally making a move on the High Sparrow. Though I’m sure things will get complicated. The scene between Yara and Theon was well acted. But, the ending was awesome. Dana burned the house down! It looked great visually and I am happy that she is in a position of power again!

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What I didn’t like

I’m not so happy with Osha being brought back only to be killed off so quickly.


What I’m looking forward to

Dany and her 100.00 Dothraki! I can’t wait for her to arrive back to Slaver’s Bay and kick some ass. After that, please sail to Westeros. I’m also looking forward to the battle of Winterfell. Which Northern houses will join Jon? What role will the Manderlys play? Will Ramsay finally die?




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Notes from the Ravens


Oh Dany. I love you! Marry Me!

The Khals really started to annoy me with all their talk of rape. I’m glad they’re dead!

Poor Loras. I’ve read about the things they have done to him. If they are true then I fully understand why he is broken.

We all know that the High Sparrow is master manipulator so I think that something bad will happen when they attack him.

Littlefinger the smooth operator strikes again!

So Dany now has 100.00 Dothraki, Unsullied and 3 dragons? Lord Jesus!


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