Person of Interest Review: Reassortment

In this episode Samaritan made some more big moves in its mission to take over the world. It will be very interesting to see where it will al lead to and what its goal is exactly. We’re coming closer and closer to the end of this great show. So let’s not waste any time and talk about what happened in Reassortment


Person_of_Interest Reassortment19


What happened

The number of the week belonged to a Chinese business man who get rerouted to New York and had a bad case of the flu. He goes to the hospital where a doctor diagnoses him and gives him an antiviral. When he dies suddenly Team Machine finds out that Samaritan has created a super virus and the hospital is quarantined. The Machine finds an antidote and Root delivers it to the hospital and the crisis is averted.

Shaw escapes Team Samaritan and leaves Johannesburg.


Person_of_Interest Sotto_Voce2


What I liked

I think it’s interesting that Samaritan is making all these big moves without us exactly knowing what it is trying to achieve. But having everyone’s DNA on file is huge. I’m also happy that Shaw is finally free. Yay. I can’t wait for that reunion.


Person_of_Interest Reassortment13

What I didn’t like

This was another strong episode of a very strong season. Person of Interest’s Swan Song is great so far. Nothing to dislike in this one.

What I’m looking forward to

The reunion of Shaw and Team Machine. What the hell Samaritan is planning. The moment when Reese and Fusco kiss and make up.



Person_of_Interest Reassortment18


Messages from Edward Snowden

Shaw is so badass! It’s hilarious how those two white inmate in Joburg thought they had a chance.

I’m sure someone has done that already but I would very much like to see a collage of Root and her many disguises. There is no one she can’t be and nothing she can’t do.

I feel bad for that Samaritan operative. In any other situation he would be a good guy.

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