Person of Interest Review: Sotto Voce

One of the upsides of TV series is that stories and character arcs can be built up for seasons and then when there is a payoff it can be huge and rewarding. And character development, when expertly handled, can be extremely interesting. As I have said before, the evolution of Fusco is super interesting. From dirty cop, to decent, cop to hero but also from bumbling to being an integral part of Team Machine to being fed up with it all for very good reason. And now, he has finally learned the truth, Shaw returned and the band is back together. Yay! Let’s talk about Sotto Voce


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What happened

The voice returns and fakes his wife’s kidnapping and being coerced into bombing a place. Reese intervenes and takes him to the precinct. There he has a gang broken out and in the ensuing chaos he kills one of his former associates. Reese and Fusco fight of the gang members and Elias and Finch find the Voice’s base of operations and uncover his ruse. In the end Finch and Elias catch the Voice while he is leaving the scene. Elias kills him with a remote detonated car bomb.

Reese decided that it’s time to tell Fusco everything to which Fusco reluctantly agrees. When Root is working on a number of her own she meets Shaw. Shaw explains the simulations to Root and decided that it’s best to take her own life just as she did in the simulations. Root decides that they will go out together and puts the gun to her own face as well. That puts Show off killing herself and in the end Team Machine is finally reunited.


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What I liked

This was an awesome episode. The action was great. Really. I mean, the shootout at the precinct? Wow. It was intense and in Person of Interest fashion it had humor as well. Everyone from PoI is giving their best and it’s so damn good. And what about that scene between Shaw and Root? It was so emotional. And even though I was shocked by Root’s reaction it fitted perfect with her character. This was the best reunion we could have hoped for between the two.

And what about Elias killing the Voice? The old Finch would have been way more disgusted and outraged. But Finch is chasing. I already feel sorry for Team Samaritan. The ending was perfect with the band finally being together again.


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What I didn’t like

I totally loved this episode!

What I’m looking forward to

What is going to happen now that Team Machine is finally complete again? Everything is in place for a fantastic end to an extremely underrated show.



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Messages from Edward Snowden

That scene between Root and Shaw was insanely good. And even though I couldn’t imagine them actually both pulling the trigger it’s clear that Root was very ready to do it.

What’s with Finch? Is he going to the dark side? It has been foreshadowed and he is going to reach his limit. And when that happens? Yikes!

Fusco finally got what he deserved. The truth. It was a about time.

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