Person of Interest Review: The Day The World Went Away

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That was one of the finest hours of Person of Interest even and also one hell of a gut punch. To me it also came a little bit unexpected. I have the strong feeling that many of Team Machine will die. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if just one of them makes it. But ever since Sarah Shahi left the show because of her pregnancy, and returning after that, I felt that she was going to be the first to go. I knew she was going to be reunited with Team Machine first and since that happened in the great Sotto Voce, I thought it was time. I also didn’t expect Root to be the one go because in the opening monologue if this final season it was her voice we were hearing. Or, that was what we were led to believe. I never imagine it was actually The Machine’s voice after Root had already died. Oh my God. I’m going to miss Root so much. I wanted to marry her! But, we already know for sure that we haven’t hear the last of her and with the possibilities of flashbacks we might also even see her again. But before we dream about actually seeing Root on screen again, let’s wipe away our tears and talk about The Day the World Went Away.


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What happened

When Finch slips up his number comes up. Team Machine splits up to protect him and go on the offensive. Reese and Fusco go after Samaritan while Root and Shaw stay at Elias’ hideout to kill the oncoming Samaritan operatives. Finch and Elias leave to hide in the projects. Samaritan finds them there as well and Elias is killed. Finch is captured and Greer tells him that Samaritan doesn’t want to kill him but it wants to recruit him. Finch is taken away but Shaw and Root rescue him. Finch and Shaw are attacked in the car and Root is shot. Root is taken to the hospital where she dies later. Finch is arrested and charged with treason. There he breaks and finally throws his rules overboard to take out Samaritan.

The Machine calls Finch at the precinct and Finch asks if she can set him free. The Machine does so by opening all the cells.


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What I liked

This was a brilliant episode. The pacing, the action, the drama. Everything was great. It was sad to see Elias go but he had a worthy end. The final moments of Shaw and Root together were funny and wonderful and emotional at the same time. It was just perfect. Finch’s monologue in the interrogation room had me at the edge of my seat. It was just brilliant. We’re finally there. We’re finally going to find out what The Machine can do! Yaaasss!


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What I didn’t like

I have the feeling that I might as well leave this part empty for the remainder of Person of Interest. The level has been consistently sky high and I have no reason to believe this is going to change before the end. I mean, I obviously don’t like it that Root is dead but it was handled in the perfect way.

What I’m looking forward to

The Machine is loose! What will it do to take out Samaritan? How far will it go? Does it stand a chance? And how far is Finch willing to go? Bring it on!



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Messages from Edward Snowden

RIP Root. You were on of the best TV characters to ever grace the small screen. But we will see you again. One way or another.

I hate that fucking Jeff Samaritan operative. To think that I ever felt sorry for him. You killed my Root!

Spinoff jokes are kinda getting old but every Person of Interest fan and sane person would watch a show about Root and Shaw together. Without a doubt!

Finch is starting to scare me. I never thought I would say that. But it’s good. Very good.

Now that the gloves are coming off, the war between Samaritan and The Machine can truly begin. Let’s get ready to rumble!

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