Person of Interest Review: Synecdoche

One of the things that make a series good, that make it standout is the quality of the writing. The ability of the showrunners to create a rich mythology, believable, well rounded and complex characters and of course the ability to write great episodes. When you have the brilliant Jonathan Nolan on your team you know that shit is going to be good. Very good. But even so. Even with my expectations very high because of the people behind it, they show still manages to woo and awe me and it also surprises me now and again. In Synecdoche the super cool twist was that there is at least one other team like the Team Machine we know. That’s big. Super big. I mean, Team Washington looks super cool, even though I never really liked Harper. And think about it. There could be many more teams like that around the US. The possibilities are endless. But before we fantasize about a Person of Interest Alaska spinoff, let us first talk about Synecdoche.

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What happened

As Fusco and Reese watch how Root’s body gets buried in an unmarked grave Shaw is nowhere to be found. Reese looks her up and tries to convince her to come back and join them on their mission to find Finch and take down Samaritan. They receive a number and it’s for the President of the United States. POTUS is due to give a speech at a charity fundraiser. Reese and Shaw neutralize the threat before the President enters the event. They capture one of the people behind the attack. After a short interrogation they leave the room knowing that he will escape. Shaw and Fusco go after him while Reese goes to the next event where POTUS will give a speech. Shaw finds the group that is trying to take out the President and finds out that they will use a drone. Shaw and Reese thwart the assassination attempt but the Secret Service is set upon them. A Team of the Machine based in Washington helps Shaw and Reese escape and helps Fusco explain why he was there in the room where the perpetrators had set up their operation. Team Washington had received Reese’s number.

Finch heads to Texas and has an ongoing conversation with the Machine. He goes to a highly secured government facility where he releases a deadly virus that has the ability to take out Samaritan but will also cause a lot of collateral damage.

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What I liked

This was a very cool episode. I like how Shaw is dealing with her grieve and what she said during the interrogation was chilling. And it was also interesting to see that Finch is willing to take that action despite the collateral damage. His conversations with the Machine were very interesting as well. It was also good to see those characters return. As I said, I never liked Harper but this was the first episode where I didn’t find her annoying. Adding Logan and Joey to that and Team Washington is a very cool team and I would actually watch episodes where we only followed them.

It makes sense that there are more teams. Harold built the Machine he designed it to do good, to be good, to care about people. So it makes sense that it doesn’t only care about New York City. It was also a very clever way to widen the scope enormously. The possibilities are endless. It was also kind of cool that the number of the week was POTUS.

Person_of_Interest Synecdoche

What I didn’t like

Another very good episode. Can’t say anything else.

What I’m looking forward to

If we are going to see more teams? Probably not as there are only two episodes but I wouldn’t be surprised if we will see more familiar faces before the end. And I also expect to see some of Team Washington again.


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Messages from Edward Snowden

Finch is all in and ready to take down Samaritan no matter what. It’s likely that whatever lead to the opening of this season started with Finch planting the Ice-9 virus.

Where was Bear? Who has him? Please?

Shaw is hurting. And that makes sense. She is dealing with it exactly as I would expect her to. But I do fear she is going to do something rash or make a mistake because of her grief.

Speaking of Shaw, it also makes sense that she still isn’t sure what is real and what isn’t. The writers are handling that aspect very well.

And Shaw was also right about the numbers. With everything that’s going on and everything that’s at stake, rescuing numbers feel trivial. That has come up before and Finch was very adamant that numbers should always come first but I think that has changed now. Even for him. But when it’s the President of the United States then the implications are too great.


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