Game of Thrones Review: The Broken Man

That Kit Harington would return as Jon Snow was world’s worst kept secret. In between seasons there were several pictures of Kit filming on set and he was spotted in Belfast on multiple occasions. Both book readers and series only viewers knew that there was no way that Jon Snow would remain dead. By the old Gods and the new, that was impossible. But, while everyone was focused on the return of Jon Snow the producers have managed to keep secret several other character returns. One of the biggest happened in The Broken Man. That the Hound was still alive is not so much of a shocker to book readers as Sandor Clegane is very much alive in the books. But, there were no leaks regarding the return of the Hound for this season. There were no set pictures and Rory McCann hardly showed up with any other cast members or in and around Belfast. So respect where respect is due. The Hound is back and it was a very welcome return.

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What happened

Jon, Davos and Sansa go recruiting houses to their cause in the North. House Mormont answers the call but others remain silent and House Glover refuses. Sansa writes a letter for aid which presumably is meant for Littlefinger. Arya arranges passage to Westeros but is attacked by The Waif and ends up severely wounded. She does manage to escape. The High Sparrow targets Olenna. Margaery convinces her grandmother to leave King’s Landing and ensures her that she is still loyal to her house. Theon and Yara are in Volantis. Yara tells her brother that she needs him to return. If he cannot go back to being himself she advises him to end it all. Theon says that he is ready to be himself again.

Jaime and Bronn arrive at Riverrun where the Freys are making a mess of the siege. When the Blackfish calls their bluff on killing Edmure Jaime steps in and takes over. He meets with the Blakcfish who refuses to surrender. Sandor Clegane is alive and he is helping a septon Brother Ray and a group of villagers build a new sept. Brother Ray stumbled upon the all but dead Sandor and nursed him back to health. When Sandor is out chopping wood, members of the Brotherhood Without Banners slaughter Brother Ray and the villagers.

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What I liked

The return of the Hound. You can see that he has lost some of his rage and harshness and he seemed to have been on his way to find some sort of peace. Brother Ray had an impactful role albeit a short one but all the scenes with him and Sandor were great. The scenes in Volantis were strong too. Yara and Theon together always makes for good scenes and strong acting despite the Greyjoy storyline not being the most interesting of all.

Jaime arriving at Riverrun was good too. I love how the castle looks in this season. The scenes between him and the Blackfish were awesome. Oh, and Lyanna Mormont of course. She is one fierce young girl. Lyanna for president!

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What I didn’t like

I don’t really understand why Arya would be so careless. She should have known better. Really.

What I’m looking forward to

There is of course no way that Arya is dead so I look forward to seeing how she gets out of this one. I wonder which other Northern Houses will rally towards Sansa and Jon’s call. I mean, this cannot be it right?


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Notes from the ravens

Wow! Lyanna Mormont is so damn awesome. She should rule the Seven Kingdoms!

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is such an awesome actor. He elevates every scene he is in. It was badass how he told off the Freys and it was cool how he engaged with the Blackfish.

I take it Sansa sent the letter to Littlefinger. That bastard better show!

Ian McShane is a very good actor. It’s a shame his part as Brother Ray was such a short one.

I don’t understand why the Waif has so much hate for Arya. It’s weird and it makes her a poor Faceless Man.

So it’s revealed. Margaery hasn’t lost it. It seems like she is playing the long game though and that is not without risk.

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