Person of Interest Review: .exe

Penultimate episode are often the best episodes and when it’s the penultimate episode of an entire series my expectations are extremely high. Often in the episode before the final outing of a show there is loads of action, lots of shocks and drama and often a major character death and a hug cliffhanger ending. This sets up everything for what is intended to be, but not always is, a spectacular final hour. Examples are the stellar Go of Prison Break which was followed by the lesser Flight. The Sopranos is also famous for its penultimate episodes and for Game of Thrones episode 9 is nearly always the highlight of the season. So, as I said. My expectations were high. Was .exe that spectacular episode that will forever be remembered as one of the show’s best? No. unfortunately not. So I was a little disappointed. But, was it a good episode? Yes it was. It had some more great character moments for Fusco, Finch made his decisive move in the war with Samaritan and Bear returned. This is it folks. We’re almost there. We’re almost at the end of the line. In one week it will all be over. But before we get there, let’s talk about Person of interest’s penultimate episode.

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What happened

Reese and Shaw receive a new number and it’s the number of Greer. The go to Fort Meade where Finch also ends of after acquiring what he needs to release the virus. Finch infiltrates the NSA and is about to release the virus when Samaritan Operatives apprehend him and take him to Samaritan’s control room. Greer questions Finch and deducts that the Machine does not know the password to release the Ice-9 virus. Greer sacrifices himself by having the oxygen sucked out of the room in the hope of also killing Finch. Shaw and Reese manage to get a wireless connections establishes which helps the Machine save Finch’s life. Throughout the episode the Machine shows Finch what would have happened if he had not created her. After a final simulation showing that Samaritan would have taken over completely Finch releases the virus.

Fusco finds out that FBI Agent LeRoux is behind the murders of all the missing persons. LeRoux knocks out Fusco and takes him away from the precinct to kill him. Fusco overpowers him and needs to decide if he is going to kill Agent Leroux or not.

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What I liked

I can keep repeating it but again we can so how far Fusco has come. I really like his story arc and I am curious to find out what he will do. The conversation between Finch and Greer was super interesting and the if simulations were cool too. Especially since we saw Root. And I love Reese and Shaw going on missions together.

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What I didn’t like

There was nothing particular that I didn’t like. I just would have wished that this was a 5 star episode and it wasn’t.

What I’m looking forward to

What happens next now that Ice-9 has been unleashed? The opening monologue of the season makes it seem that the Machine survived but how that exactly happened remains to be seen.


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Messages from Edward Snowden

Person of Interest became very relevant with the whole PRISM thing happening so it was nice to have that Edward Snowden reference.

I loved how Finch had to decide between completing his mission and saving his friends and he chose to save his friends. He really can’t lose anyone else. But I am afraid he will in the end.

I knew we were going to see Root again! I just knew it.

It was a shame that Carter wasn’t in the episode but I am guessing she wasn’t available.

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