Person of Interest Review: Return 0

Wow. Person of Interest was one hell of a ride and Return 0 was one hell of a series finale. It was emotional and melancholy but it also had hope and humour. It was the perfect balance between high stakes, the god guys suffering setbacks and a fairly happy ending. Because even though the final episode of the best show on CBS ended on a positive note this most definitely was not a fairy-tale ending. Far from it. Written by genius writer and producer Jonathan Nolan and the brilliant Denise Thé and directed by lead director Chris Fisher I knew this was going to be good. I also knew that it was going to be sad and that I would get teary eyed and I did. I do hope that Person of Interest will get the respect it deserves. Sometimes that happens after a series is already finished. No one watched The Wire for example but it became a classic afterwards. I hope that our beloved show will get some more recognition once time passes. And who know? Return 0 left a lot of room for more so now we can all cross our fingers and hope that a network like Netflix picks the show up. It won’t be the same without Reese and I don’t have high hopes for it actually happening but never say never. In the end the series finale did everything it needed to do and it was the perfect way to end an exceptional series.

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What happened

The Ice-9 virus causes a global disaster and as the world is struggling with the effects Reese and Finch go to the Federal Reserve where Samaritan has stored a copy of itself. Finch infects the copy as Reese holds off the Samaritan operatives. A copy of Samaritan escapes and it’s uploaded to a satellite. The only way to stop Samaritan from making it is to head to a building to transmit a copy of the Machine to the satellite before the building gets destroyed by a missile. As the window is small the person who does the job will pay for it with his life. Finch Locks Reese in the vault and leaves him behind to complete the mission. Jon however has made a deal with The Machine and the two tricked Finch and sent him to the wrong rooftop. Finch watches on while Reese completes the mission and is eventually killed.

In the meantime Fusco and Shaw protect The Machine from Samaritan operatives. They escape via the subway but Jeff is on the train as well. Fusco restrains him but is later heavily wounded as Jeff escapes. Shaw brings him to safety. The Machine has killed Samaritan and downloads itself to Finch’s computer system and reaches out to Shaw with a new number. Finch reunites with Grace.

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What I liked

This was such a perfect series finale. I knew that Reese was not going to make it but it still hit me hard. But the flashback tied in so perfectly with his sacrifice. It was the best ending he could have had. The flashback where we saw Finch explain to Grace why his father loved birds was beautiful and I am so happy that Finch and Grace are finally back together again. I have to commend to writers for how they finished this show. They didn’t know for sure that this was going to be the last season so to write such a great series finale is not easy when you don’t know if it’s going to be the final episode. The music of Ramin Djawadi was masterful as always. And I love it that Shaw took Bear.

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What I didn’t like

It’s a shame that the showrunners didn’t have time to bring certain people back I would have loved to see Zoe, Leon and Control for example.

What I’m looking forward to

This doesn’t really apply right now. In a way 5 seasons is fine and it’s more than many other TV shows get whether they deserve it or not. So maybe I don’t need to see this go to Netflix. Because we will all remember Person of Interest as fans so maybe this isn’t the end at all and our show will live on as long as we will remember it.


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Messages from Edward Snowden

One of the most emotional moments of the series finale was when Reese called after Finch after Finch looked him in the vault. That went right threw me.

The conversation between The Machine and Shaw where The Machine tells Shaw what Root wanted to tell her was also super beautiful.

I’m very happy that Jeff died. I felt bad for him at first but not anymore after his stunt in the hospital and after killing Root.

In that scene where Samaritan is trying to communicate with Finch at Times Square you can see Jonathan Nolan in the crowd and I think you can see Denise Thé as well.

This show has had brilliant flashbacks from the beginning and the two we had in the series finale were perfect.

It was great that we got to see Amy Acker again and not just heard her voice. She deserved to be present in the series finale.

I will be back with a season 5 review and I look back at Person of Interest as a whole. If you feel like commenting please feel free to do so. At the moment I finally had people not just reading but also commenting on my previous blog I had to stop blogging for a while but now that I am back, please don’t be shy.


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