Westworld Review: Dissonance Theory

Watch a mythology heavy series can be as challenging as it can be rewarding. When it’s well done a series has a rich mythology full of interesting mysteries and plot twist. When not so well done a series raised lots of question without answering any of them and the questions are not that interesting to begin with. Think Lost at the beginning versus Lost near the end. Or think all the mythology heavy shows that came after Lost and tried to feed off of the hype. It can work really well but it doesn’t much more often than it does.

Westworld didn’t seem like a mythology heavy show in the first few episodes. It felt like a show about robots becoming sentient and eventually rising up against humanity. The mythology behind this show was hinted at of course. Mainly through The Man in Black. But there was no reason to suspect that Ford founded Westworld with a partner whose death hasn’t been fully explained yet. There is much more to Ford as well and his new narrative and the mysterious maze are connected. I have read that this episode was a little divisive. Not everyone was digging the direction this series is taking. And while I remain sceptical. I am definitely loving it.


What happened

Dolores is questioned by Bernard again. Dolores is becoming more and more confused with the world around her and when Bernard says that the maze can set her free she says that free is what she wants to be. Theresa takes over the research into the stray as she feels that Bernard’s team is hiding something. Later Theresa has a meeting with Ford. She tells him how disruptive his work on his new narrative is to the park and that the board is getting impatient with him. Ford flexes his muscles and shows how much he knows, how powerful he is within Westworld and that he is even more aware of the ongoings in the board than Theresa is.

The Man in Black encounters Armistice. He breaks out Hector for her and in return she explains her tattoos. Her main drive is to take revenge on Wyatt. Maeve keeps seeing visions of her being treated and repaired and she makes a drawing of one of the men in special suits working on her. When Hector and Armistice attack Sweetwater Hector and Maeve end up in a room. She shows her drawings to him. She asks him to cut her open at the spot she remembers being shot. They find a bullet there. Proving that there must be some reality to her visions.


What I liked

That opening scene. Wow! Just, wow! That might have been one of the strongest scenes to date. Evan Rachel Wood handed in a strong performance and Jeffrey Wright was just stellar. The music was equally good. It was practically perfect. What a way to start an episode!

The Man in Black and his maze is getting more and more interesting. I didn’t expect it to be connected to Wyatt and part of the new narrative and I also didn’t know that The Man in Black knew Arnold. That was quite a shock. The scene with Maeve and Hector was also very good.


What I didn’t like

Nothing to dislike really. It was a strong episode.

What I’m looking forward to

The Man in Black and his journey to the maze. Now that Dolores is also aware of its existence it gets more and more intriguing. Many people seem to be heading there from different directions. I’m also curious to see what Maeve is gonna do next in her search for answers and I am now very interested in what the hell Ford’s new narrative is. The whole Wyatt thing is just a small part of it, it would seem.




Man. Ford is one scary dude. He seemed so sympathetic. But he already showed a tiny glimpse of how he can be in The Stray and in this episode he showed more of his power. Though I think there is still much more to the man.

It’s time for my weekly praising of Jeffrey Wright again. The man is just an awesome actor!

My hats off to Ramin Djawadi again. I am so going to get the Westworld soundtrack!

So, there was a representative of the board already in the park without Theresa knowing about it? That’s not good for her.

Jonathan Nolan’s credentials speak for themselves. With writing credits for Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and the best episodes of Person of Interest he has tons of credit. I didn’t know beforehand that he had written this episode but I wasn’t surprised. He is one of the best writers out there.

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