Westworld Review: Contrapasso

When expectations are high it’s very easy to be disappointed. So when I was reading about Westworld my expectation levels immediately skyrocketed and I was like “You had me at Jonathan (Nolan)”! He is well known for his writing work on his brother Christopher’s films but he had also just completed the highly underrated Person of Interest where he continued being one of the best writers of his generation and also made a stellar directorial debut. Long story short. I expected this series to be great. I expected it the be one of the best shows ever made from the get go and I expected every single episode to be a 5 start episode. Westworld might still become one of the best shows ever made. It might still become great. But right now I think it is just very good. And despite the fact that very good is still better than 90% of the other shows out there, it’s still a little bit of a disappointment. Dem expectations…


What happened

Elsie discovers that someone has been transmitting information out of the park using the hosts. The Man in Black kills Lawrence and uses his blood to save Teddy. He is confronted by Ford but Ford lets him continue on his quest for the maze. Dolores, William and Logan go to the town of Pariah. They meet a different version of Lawrence, who asked them to steal a wagon of explosives from the army for them. They complete the mission but after a double cross William and Logan flee together. Maeve wakes up in the control center and tells the technician that she wants to talk.


What I liked

Felix isn’t that interesting of a character but that final scene was very interesting. I do wonder what he is going to do. It was also cool to see that Ford is very aware of The Man in Black and there is no love lost between the two. The scenes in Pariah looked great, though it did feel like a bit of a detour. Another obstacle to keep TMIB from reaching the maze. It was good to see that William slowly reveals more to Dolores about her reality. And that he fully realizes that she is more aware than she should be. Otherwise it is a bit silly that he would follow her.


What I didn’t like

There isn’t a particular thing per se but I did find this episode a little underwhelming. Maybe it is just because it’s the exact middle of the season but I don’t feel that enough progress was made and we don’t care enough yet about most of the characters for us to care about the mysteries being hinted at and answers not being given.

What I’m looking forward to

Felix and Maeve. Definitely. I’m sure she has quite a few questions. How is he going to answer them? The corporate intrigue is now finally getting a little more interesting with someone apparently sending out information from the part. I definitely want to know who is behind that. And I actually look forward to seeing TMIB and Dolores reach the maze.




I know that Logan told us that things get more difficult and dangerous the farther out you go but damn. He wasn’t kidding. He nearly got choked to death!

TMIB has been growing on me the last few episodes. It’s not only the writing. Ed Harris delivers.

I wonder if Maeve and Dolores will be working together eventually. Until now they are the two hosts who know the most about the fact that something else is going on there.

Who the hell is Dolores talking to? I really love he Arnold and his story is becoming more and more present on this show. Is he truly dead?

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