Westworld Review: The Adversary

One of the main issues in the debut season of Westworld thus far is that we don’t know enough about the characters to care about them yet. I’m not saying that the showrunners are turning up the mystery just for mystery’s sake but if we as an audience don’t care enough than we don’t care of for the unanswered questions to be answered and we don’t care enough for the plot twists that are bound to happen to have any real impact. We are now passed the halfway mark of this first season and the few characters that have some resemblance of a backstory or have had enough screentime to at least very interesting are Bernard, Maeve and Dolores. It’s obvious that the powers that be wants us to care about William and Teddy also but personally I don’t. But it’s not all bad per se.

Ford and The Man in Black have a lot of potential and are extremely intriguing in their own way and even Theresa and Elsie, to a lesser extent, have the potential of becoming people we care about. And as I have endless faith in Jonathan Nolan I am very sure that by the end of the season I will be a blubbering mess when of of those or more kick the bucket. The Adversary went a long way in setting up Maeve for a lot of crazy things to come and TMIB and Teddy and their pursuit of the maze is also proving to be quite the ride. Hell, and one of the most intriguing people of all is Arnold. And he is someone we haven’t seen yet and has most likely been dead for a very long time. I’m pretty sure we will see him in one way or another but his present is already felt so much that it’s one of the best characters and that with zero screentime. That proves that the writers know what they are doing and this episode was a great step in the right direction.


What happened

Teddy and TMIB stumble upon a Union soldier outpost. One of the soldiers recognizes Teddy and they get captured. Later Teddy breaks free and when TMIB tells him that they should leave Teddy kills all the Union soldiers anyway. Theresa breaks off her relationship with Bernard after she tells him that Ford knows about them. Elsie digs deeper into what’s going on with the hosts and she finds that someone who names himself Arnold, has been reprogramming the first generation hosts. She also finds out that Theresa has been the one smuggling data out of the park, which she tells Bernard just before she is kidnapped by someone.

Bernard finds out that Ford has secretly maintained a family of hosts in an off limits sector of the park. The family was a gift of Arnold to Ford and was modeled after Ford’s own family on vacation. Ford convinces Bernard that the hosts are harmless and asks Bernards to allow him that secret. Maeve encourages a guest to kill her so she can get back to Felix. She asks him to show her around the premises and after the tour he tells her the truth about her existence. Later she manipulates Felix and Sylvester to alter her settings and among other things, to put her intelligence settings on maximum.


What I liked

This was a strong episode. The scene with Bernard finding the secrets hosts was chilling and it makes me want to know more about what the old man is up to. I did feel for Bernard when Theresa broke up with him but it makes sense and he seems to take it well. Elsie was a bit dumb in a way to go out on her own but it is her workplace so she should be able to. And even though it was clear something was going to happen to her it was still a scary scene.

But the best scenes of the episode were the ones with Maeve. How she walked through the building taking in all the horrors. How she scared the shit out of Sylvester and how she manipulated the two technicians into altering her settings. Nice done and very good acting by Thandie Newton.


What I didn’t like

Still not a big fan of Lee. But his second meeting with Charlotte was funny.

What I’m looking forward to

What Maeve is going to do next of course! If Dolores ever leaves the park I’m not that afraid of what she is going to do. At least not how she is right now. But Maeve? She has all the looks of the queen of our robot overlords. God help us! Who has been reprogramming the hosts? What does Theresa want? Can Ford be trusted? I want to know!!!




A lot of fans were asking why Felix didn’t lower her intelligence setting instead. I think that Felix is developing feelings for Maeve and that Sylvester is scared shitless. They both know what the hosts are capable of potentially so she might have easily killed them before the new settings set in or even despite the settings.

Freeze motor functions. FREEZE ALL MOTOR FUNCTIONS!!! That was a scary moment. Did Ford really have to alter the host representing his father to be the douchebag that he surely was? Really?

Arnold. What were you up to? Are you still there?

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