Westworld Review: Trompe L’Oeil

On Facebook HBO said that this promised to be a humdinger of an episode. First of all I love the word humdinger. Really. Secondly, they weren’t lying. Where with other shows like Lost the networks would broadcast on all channels that a big cliffhanger was coming and even that a main character was going to die, HBO has been much more silent about things like that. I prefer it that way. I don’t need everything to be teased to death before it even happens. Especially when expectations are astronomical, there is a very high chance of disappointment.

Westworld is a complex show with many more question that are going to be left unanswered and many more questions that haven’t even been asked yet. And there are also a lot more mysteries and mythology that we aren’t aware of yet. In Nolan I trust so I don’t see that as a negative yet but Trompe L’Oeil finally gave us some much needed answers and pulled the veil back a little. And it also establishes Ford as the main antagonist. Westworld is headed in the right direction fast and I am glad to be along for the ride.


What happened

William reveals that he is married to Logan’s sister to Dolores. She is clearly hurt but William gives into his feeling for Dolores and says he will follow her to where she needs to go. The train gets attacked by the Confederados. As they flee the Confederados are attacked by the Ghost Nation. Later Lawrence depart as Dolores and WIlliam go their own way. Maeve end up in the lab again after Clementine is taken. She makes Felix bring her to Clementine where they see that she is about to be retired. Maeve tells Felix and Sylvester that they are going to help her.

Theresa and Charlotte make a plan to overthrow Ford as he is the one who has kept the board from getting any data out of the park and the board is truly only in it for the intellectual property. Theresa demonstrates that the new reveries update makes the host violent and blames and Charlotte blames it on Bernard. She fires him. Bernard later takes Theresa to the cottage where Ford kept his secret hosts. The cottage is now empty. Downstairs they find a lab where Ford has been creating his hosts. Theresa finds out that Bernard is also a host and Ford haves Bernard kill her.


What I liked

Wowzers! That final scene! Bernard is a host and Ford had him kill Theresa. I didn’t see that coming. For a second I thought that Theresa was a bad guy. Trying to smuggle data out of the park. But she did it at the behest of the board. That demonstration went a little far though and I did feel bad for Bernard too. But he is a host and she is dead. I’m sad for both of them but the scene was the best of the show thus far.

Maeve’s reaction to what happened to Clementine was sad. And I’m now even more afraid for anyone who is going to stand in her way. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to boost her intelligence. Thandie Newton continues to bring the goods.


What I didn’t like

I didn’t care that much for William and Dolores professing their love for each other but the chase looked great at least.

What I’m looking forward to

Maeve’s plan to escape. It’s easy for her to say that she wants out but I am guessing that it’s not going to be that easy. What is Ford going to do now? How will he get Bernard reinstated? I can’t imagine Jeffrey Wright leaving the show already. I look forward to see how that is all going to work out.




I can’t praise Jeffrey Wright enough. He is such a great actor. The scene in the cottage and the lab was perfect. All hats off to him, Sidse Babett Knudsen and Anthony Hopkins. Mister Hopkins does calm, collected and calculated extremely well. But he is elso insanely menacing. He makes the perfect antagonist for this show.

Felix and Sylvester are taking a lot of risks with Maeve. I understand why they do it but if they continue like this they will get caught.

That opening scene was very sad. It’s even sadder that it wasn’t even real. Bernard realizing this was heartbreaking.

So Theresa was no traitor at all. She was doing it for the board. In the beginning I thought I was going to like Charlotte. But I no longer do.

So Westworld has been renewed for a second season. It’s not the juggernaut HBO probably hoped for but it’s doing well enough for it to be renewed. Let’s hope the powers that be get to make it to the full 5 seasons they need to tell the story.

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