The Leftovers Lookback: Pilot

As the amazing The Leftovers will return for ist third and final season in a few days we will discuss some of the best episode of the HBO drama so far. After what we will cover the show weekly until the series finale.

Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

Great shows often have a great series premieres. And even good shows have great premieres sometimes. Lost is a great example of the latter. The pilot was so good it kickstarted the second golden age of television and its influence can still be felt today. After a stellar first season Lost slowly but surely went off the rails and when I heard that Damon Lindelof was involved and a new show heavy and mistery and mythology I was septical to say the least. But I was also extremely interested when I read the premise. Was this new show going to be good, great or would it be a misfire?

I remember setting on the edge of my chair watching the pilot. And it delivered for the most part. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be great but I did know that I was going to be along for the ride. Or at least until the end of season 1.

The_Leftovers Pilot2

What I liked

The premise. I mean, 2 percent of the world population just disappearing? Just like that?
No answers no explanations, people are just gone. It’s a very strong premise. Not without its risks but I love it. The opening scene is very strong and it perfectly captures the confusion and the ensuing chaos. I also like it that its most likely not the rapture as the screaming man says that some very sinful people disappeared as well.

Justin Theroux stands out for me as Kevin and his wife also seems to be a character worth knowing more about. I thought the was gone a well but she left home for that crazy group called the Guilty Remnant. Those chainsmokers all in white also seem to be up to no good.

What I didn’t like

I’m wasn’t too thrilled with the whole teen party thing with Kevin’s daughter. I understand that she is dealing with her mother just walking out on them and her brother seems to be far away too but I just didn’t find the scenes with her all that interesting or believable. But I will give the storyline a chance.

What I was looking forward to

After that pilot I had a lot of questions. Just like anyone else. I wanted to know more about the guilty remnant. I wanted to know what was up with all that weird animal stuff. What Holy Wayne’s deal was and all that stuff. But most of all I wanted to know what kind of show The Leftovers was going to be. After the pilot I wasn’t sure yet.


The_Leftovers Pilot3


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