The Leftovers Look back: The Garveys At Their Best

As the amazing The Leftovers will return for ist third and final season in a few days we will discuss some of the best episode of the HBO drama so far. After what we will cover the show weekly until the series finale.

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As I said before, I was worrying about the showrunners (Damon Lindelof especially) making the same mistakes as were made with Lost. Basically not knowing that the hell they were doing. Making it up us they went along. Cause no matter how often the showrunners of Lost tried to convince otherwise, I don’t think there was a masterplan from the start. The Leftovers has the advantage of being based on a book, which I haven’t read but apparently doesn’t answer the main question. Where the hell did everyone go? But, the book gives the show a foundation at least, if not a super solid one. The first season of The Leftovers has at times also felt like the powers that be weren’t sure what they were doing. Where they were going with it all. But, The Garveys At Their Best showed us that they sort of do know. For a bit. It was one of the strongest episodes of a strong but uneven and maybe at times unnecessarily confusing first season.

What I liked

I loved it that we are finally getting a few answers. What was the Garvey family like before the departure. What was Nora doing. What were the Guilty Remnant founders like before October 14th. Okay, maybe no one was asking for more background of Patty and her white clothed chain smoking terrorizing friends but it was interesting to see nonetheless. More than anything this episode gave a lot of added depth to Kevin. That he was unhappy in his marriage is one thing. But he clearly struggles with himself. Looking for a purpose. More to life. Realizing that he is not a good man. A man who seemingly has everything. A (mostly) loving wife, a beautiful daughter, a stepson that loves him, a decent job, a very nice house etc. On the surface everything looks great. But it’s not. Not at all. It’s very understandable that Kevin is lost (no pun intended) after the great departure. His wife leaves and joins the GR, his father goes insane and his stepson leaves as well. But, he was already lost before it all happened!

Laurie is pregnant, is keeping it from Kevin and seems conflicted about keeping it and is maybe even unsure about who the father is. Patty was her client as she is a therapist. Very interesting scenes as well. Especially the eeriness of Patty and a few others seemingly feeling that something was terribly wrong. Seeing Nora and her family on the day of the departure was great as well. Also cool to see her interview with the future mayor.

Overall this was a very strong episode. One of the best of the entire series so far. It answered some questions without raising many new ones, which is special for a show like this and it set up the season finale in a different way than usual. Normally in the penultimate episode the conflict for the finale is set up or starts already. Instead the writers chose to go for a flashback episode. Unconventional? Maybe. Brilliant? Absolutely!

What I didn’t like

As I said, this was one of the best episodes of the entire series so far. Not much to dislike

What I was looking forward to

As this episode didn’t really set anything up it did give me new things I was looking forward to per se.


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