The Leftovers Look Back: The Prodigal Son Returns

As the amazing The Leftovers will return for ist third and final season in a few days we will discuss some of the best episode of the HBO drama so far. After what we will cover the show weekly until the series finale.

Even though some story lines seemed to distract from the main story and some seemed like a distraction one of the main things we wanted to know is, what the hell are the Guilty Remnant planning. We were already made aware of the dolls they had ordered so we were able to put 2 and 2 together but seeing them actually doing it was chilling. The consequences even moreso. But because the GR, Laurie, Jill, Kevin and Patty and all of it had been heading towards this climax all season it was a brilliant end to a very good first season.

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What I liked

One of the things that annoyed me throughout the season is that Kevin did things during his blackouts that I don’t think he would do consciously. It feels a little bit like a cop out to me. Getting him to do things to advance the plot or further confuse us. But, this episode started with Matt helping him out and after that they head to a diner to grab something to eat. Kevin’s confession felt heartfelt and earned and it was a great moment for the character. His encounter with Holy Wayne was great as well. I loved it that Wayne doubted himself. If he was real. It’s only natural. Especially with every that had happened. With things going wrong as they always do. The look on his face when he granted Kevin’s wish without Kevin actually speaking was beautiful. I have a feeling that Kevin ending the episode at home with Jill and Nora was part of that wish coming true.

All of that lead out to a spectacular final third of the season finale. It was near perfect. The cinematography, the music, the action. It was more than captivating. The GR’s latest stunt had the town in a rage and I find it very natural how violent the town reacted. It was cool to see Kevin encountering the woman he met in the bar on the day of the departure, the woman of the trailer again. You would never think of her as a woman walking around shooting people but it was totally logic. The utter chaos, Kevin finding Laurie first and then rescuing Jill and the final meeting with Jill at the house. It was brilliant. It was The Leftovers living up to the expectations. Or my expectations at least. Nora’s letter to Kevin was great as well. The Prodigal Son Returns was The Leftovers at its very best.

What I didn’t like

As I said, I don’t much like the thing the writers do with Kevin’s blackout but that was not a big part of this episode.

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What I was looking forward to

As good as the season finale was I had no clue whatsoever what season 2 was going to be about. The showrunners have stated multiple times that the answers to the questions: where did the departed go and why were they taken? Is not what this show is about. I don’t think these questions are answered in the book. I don’t have a problem with that but that does mean that I didn’t have a clue what season 2 held in store. I was totally excited about the second season nonetheless.


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