The Leftovers Look Back: Axis Mundi

The Leftovers was a extremely polarizing show from the get go and a lot of viewers dropped off along the way. But, it also had a lot of people loving the show and a few were just hanging on hoping it would all start to make sense. Some of those hanging on probably very disappointed when the season 2 premiere started with a strange and seemingly unrelated prehistoric scene and after that nearly the entire episode was spent in a new location focussing on entirely new characters. That was a more than bold move of Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta and it totally paid off. Axis Mundi was a miraculously good season premiere.

The_Leftovers Axis_Mundi

What I liked

I wasn’t too sure what to think of the opening scene but I was immediately interested in the Murphys and with Jarden. The fact that the Sudden Departure left the town of a small ten thousand people untouched was intriguing in and of itself and to see what that did to its inhabitants and how some of them tried to profit from it was interesting to see. Speaking of intrigue, John is definitely that. He is quietly menacing but also seems like a genuinely nice man and he loves his family. It’s always good to see the great Regina King in anything and the two kids come across as actual characters and not just kids for the sake of being kids. The scenes around the house and in the church had me wanting so see more. John burning the house down of one of the other inhabitants of Jarden had me like: WTF?! And the first meeting the Murphys had with the Garveys was awkward, funny and even a tiny bit threatening.

What I didn’t like

Not sure I liked the prehistoric scene but otherwise this was a great episode.

What I was looking forward to

More of the Murphys for sure. Who did John try to kill. Why was he so violent against the guy whose house he burned down. What does he have against Matt? Where the fuck did Evie and the girls go? And how will John and Kevin get along? There was a lot I was looking forward to see after this episode.


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