The Leftovers Look Back: International Assassin

Damon Lindelof has stated many times that no answers are forthcoming when it comes to the main mysteries of The Leftovers. He is also very aware of how polarizing the HBO drama is and he is not above messing with us viewers just because he can. International Assassin feels like two things. One, a detour, side step or distraction from the main story arc. And two, a gloriously strange episode just to confuse us further. It happens in many series that with the finale approaching writers come up with an episode just to save the good stuff for the end. They are called filler episodes. International Assassin doesn’t seem like a filler episode even though it does feel like a detour and a distraction. Mainly because the entire episode is spent in strange realm where Kevin must finally do battle with Patty to get rid of ghost Patty in the real world. It has no affect on any of the other character. That might normally have been a bit of a waste bit this episode is thankfully good enough to stand on its own and to not be typical filler material.

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What I liked

I like the concept of Kevin having to face off with Patty in a different world, dimension or whatever it is. It’s nice how the showrunners have found a way to bring back certain characters and how they made me feel like this episode very much mattered. From the interrogation scene with Gladys to seeing Holy Wayne on the toilet again. And Kevin’s talks with Virgil and even his dad communicating to him via the TV. As bizarre as this episode was I did enjoy it. The end was strong with Kevin killing Neal then pushing young Patty in the well and eventually killing the real Patty. It wasn’t an easy episode but it did work for me.

What I didn’t like

I have had a problem with ghost Patty from the start. So I was happy to finally be rid of her.

What I was looking forward to

As Kevin took Virgil’s poison to go to the other world to do battle with Patty I couldn’t wait for him to deal with her and get back to the real world. There was so much going on and not having ghost Patty being part of the equation was something I was very much looking forward too!


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