The Leftovers Look Back: I Live Here Now

Season three of The Leftovers is finally here. I was a little late with rewatching but I finally made it! It was a joy to watch all these brilliant episodes again and I live Here Now was an awesome season finale. There is nothing like The Leftovers on television and I’m not sure we will ever see anything like it so I’m already dreading that series finale. But before I start on season three, let’s wrap up the look back with talking about I Live Here now.

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What I liked

What an opening. We finally see what actually happened to Evie and the girls on the night of their disappearance. It’s a nice touch that we get to see the Garveys meeting the Murphys from a third perspective now. And Evie is dead serious. She saw Kevin committing suicide and didn’t bat an eye. Evie’s final confrontation with her mother was heartbreaking.

Megan’s ploy to get everyone inside Jarden was cruel but well executed. Miracle national park is no longer a safe haven and no one is spared. Thanks to Ten Thirteen I totally get her motivations.

One of the strongest scenes is when John stumbles upon Kevin and he tries to patch him up. He is crying and laughing and utterly confused. It’s a beautiful moment followed by an equally beautiful moment where I think that Holy Wayne finally full grants Kevin his wish when Kevin arrives home and everyone he loves is waiting for him there.

This episode was great from start to finish and the off season felt very long.

What I didn’t like

One thing that annoyed me a little bit is that ever since Patty died the showrunners tried to trick us with showing us members of the Guilty Remnant that look like Patty. Showrunners often think they are super clever when they pull stuff like that but I just find things like that childish and distracting.

What I was looking forward to

Just like after season 1 I had no clue what the following season was going to be about. All I knew is that I hoped that the Murphys were there to stay because they were a great addition.


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