The Leftovers Look Back: Ten Thirteen

One of the changes for season 2 is that instead of focussing on the ensemble some of the main characters are not to be seen for entire episodes. It’s a different way of storytelling and for viewers it can be a bit annoying to not see one of your favourite characters for a large number of episodes. And also, when you are not a big fan of a character but you also don’t have anything against it you might forget that character entirely. So it’s a risk. But even in season one the best episodes were often the ones more focussed on one or two characters. In season 2 Meg is the perfect example of how this can work in a good way. She has been in The Leftovers’ sophomore season way less than in the previous season but it didn’t hurt at all. If anything, the way the showrunners handled this Ten Thirteen is even more powerful than it would have been if Meg had been around all season. This episode was nothing short of brilliant!

The_Leftovers Ten_Thirteen2

What I liked

Wow. Meg is one crazy character. From her stunt with the school bus to her dancing and making out with Tommy to having the intruder stoned. She is radical to say the least but because we finally get her full backstory it totally makes sense. I loved seeing what happened to her mother and how it affected her. How she went to Jarden to seek out Isaac and also meets Evie. it was just so damn perfect. Her conversation with Matt was no less intriguing and Tommy finding the lost girls in the truck was a shocker.

What I didn’t like

Absolutely nothing to dislike about this one.

What I was looking forward to

Obviously I just wanted to know what Meg had planned and how the lost girls were going to factor in the stunt.


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