The Leftovers Review: The Book of Kevin

The ratings have never been great when it comes to The Leftovers. HBO announced relatively early on that there would be a second season but after the already less than stellar ratings dropped of some more during season two they took their time when it came to another renewal. In the end the powers that be decided on a third and final season which made me extremely happy. During the off season HBO released a few promos and trailers but I chose to not watch any of them. I did hear the rumors about the show going to Australia but that was all I knew. I had no idea where season 3 would start timewise and location wise. I was very happy to see that we started on familiar ground after another weird opening scene we went straight back to Jarden. That was a good decision creatively and The Book of Kevin is an excellent season premiere.

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What happened

A drone fires a missile at the visitors centre in Jarden killing Meg, Evie and all the other Guilty Remnant members inside. 3 years later Kevin is chief of police in Jarden with Tommy as his deputy. Nora is working for the department that looks into Departure related issues again, Matt runs the church and has Michael helping him. Laurie is married to John and they run a scam similar to what Isaac was doing.

Kevin is visited by Dean who tells him about a canine conspiracy. Kevin doesn’t believe him and Dean attacks his squad car later nearly killing him. Tommy saves his father and kills Dean. Later Kevin gets called away to place where Matt and Michael perform baptism. An activist group claims to have poisoned the water but Kevin jumps in the water to find that it is a prank. Later Kevin finds out that Matt, Michael and John have been collaborating in writing a gospel about him. He is having none of it and demands the book. They give it to him and Kevin heads outside to burn it but gets distracted.

The episode ends with a much older Nora delivering doves to a nun who calls her Sarah. When the nun asks if the name Kevin means anything to her she says no. They seem to be in Australia.

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What I liked

Wow! This was another great episode and if all the episodes of this final season reach this level it’s going to be one hell of a season. The opening is very strong with the apocalypse priest and then the demise of Meg and Evie. I knew there had to be some consequences to the GR and especially to Meg’s group and the final consequences were devastating.

It was good to check in with everyone without of seeming forced or anything just like often happens with Game of Thrones. It also seemed sort of natural. Kevin becoming the chief of police in Jarden with Tommy as his deputy. Nora going back to her old job. Even Laurie and John becoming a couple and Erika being gone. It was good to see everyone sort of happy.

The weird encounter with Dean was just that until he attacks Kevin. Wow. that was crazy. And that final scene? Truly a shocker. The entire episode, despite it looking like everyone was happy in his or her way, had a strong feeling of dread throughout. The coming seventh year anniversary of the Sudden Departure. Dean’s antics. You could just feel that it cannot stay like that. Something has to go wrong. And it clearly will looking out that final scene. I just have no clue how or what.

What I didn’t like

At first I was a little annoyed with that opening scene but as it shifted into Meg and Evie in Jarden I started thinking that it was brilliant. And it was.

What I’m looking forward to

A couple of things. What is Kevin going to do with the book? What is going to happen on the anniversary? How do we end up in Australia and what was that final scene about? I can’t wait to find out!


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Check out my video review as well:


I know that the Leftovers is never going to be a ratings juggernaut for HBO but I was curious to see if there was going to be a little uptick for the final season. Not really though.

Like I said, I was waiting for some serious consequences for the GR and man, they were deadly serious indeed. I was surprised though that the authorities covered it up. But maybe I shouldn’t have been.

Speaking of surprised. It is kind of funny. Holy Wayne was the real deal and Tommy didn’t believe that in the end. But he did end up doing the exact same thing, while not being the real deal. The same thing now with Isaac. John, of all people if you think of what he did to Isaac and why, is now doing what Isaac did while not being the real deal and Isaac totally was the real deal.

I am a major fan of Max Richter and he has delivered yet again. The score was good as always.

So what happened to Erika? I saw that Regina King is recurring for this season so we will definitely find out.

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