The Leftovers Review: Don’t Be Ridiculous

One of the strengths of HBO’s The Leftovers is that it has an incredible and extremely mysterious premise and manages to build an amazing show around that premise without answering any (of the big) questions. The creators are able to do that by having layered and complex characters in this story and focussing on them and how they deal with their personal loss and grief. While Kevin is clearly the focal point of the series, Nora has arguable turned into the best character on The Leftovers. We already knew that her entire world ended when her husband and her children departed and her traumatic childhood had been hinted at before. Add to that the fact that she had to give up Lily and you fully understand why she asks if she is going crazy. The writers have given Carrie Coon a lot to work with and as always she knocks it out of the park. Don’t Be Ridiculous is a ridiculously good second episode of this final season.

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What happened

The man in the tower drops dead and his wife with the help of Matt have people thinking that he departed. Nora investigates and finds out the truth. She then gets approached by Mark Linn-Baker who is the only one of his Perfect Strangers castmates that hasn’t departed. She meets him in a hotel in St. Louis where he claims that there is an organisation that can send people to where the departed have gone to using a machine they have built. Nora thinks that it’s a scam and that Mark is suicidal.

On her way back Nora takes a detour and visits Lily who doesn’t recognize her. We find out that Christine has taken her back. Nora then visits Erika and confesses that she broke her own arm to hide the tattoo she got on her am to cover up the names of her kids. At home the people Mark told Nora about call her and asks if she is willing to come to Australia with 20.000 dollars and she agrees. When Kevin says he wants to join she agrees to that as well.

We see a group of elderly women drowning a chief of police named Kevin believing that he will rise again. He doesn’t. Kevin Garvey’s father walks out of a house and asks the ladies what they are doing.

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What I liked

All of it. It was good to see the entire episode focussing on Nora. it’s a wonder that she hasn’t lost it yet. Only during this episode i realized how devastating losing Lily will have been to her after what she has gone through before. I keep repeating myself but Carrie Coon is great. Speaking of great. Erika is back. Her conversation with Nora was heartfelt and the trampoline jumping scene is already on the list of coolest scenes of 2017.

What I didn’t like

The music during the title sequence. For me it doesn’t fit with the kind of show this is.

What I’m looking forward

Despite how much I am enjoying what is going on in Jarden because of that final scene I am very interested in what is going to happen in Australia. Are we looking at 2 timelines? Or even more? I can’t wait to find out.



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I can understand why Christine is worried after Nora’s sudden visit and I understand why Tommy went to talk with Nora. But he didn’t have to be a douche about it. That final remark was unnecessary.

It was very understandable of Kevin to be worried about Nora’s reaction when she walked in on him asphyxiating himself but if there is one person who can understand him then it’s Nora.

The whole Wu.Tang tattoo thing was hilarious. And a little sad as well. Nora covering up the reminder of a reminder.

One of the strength of this show is that is shows in a very believable way the way people try to cope with their losses. Nora is the best example of this.

Nora Cursed. That hurts.

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