The Leftovers Review: G’Day Melbourne

When there is blood on the streets, buy property. That’s a saying about how crises are opportunity. Or in Littlefinger’s words, chaos is a ladder. After the sudden departure countless people lost their friends, spouses and family members. That left people lost and devastated. We have seen what that loss has done to people in many different forms. From Nora’s shenanigans to the Guilty Remnant. From Mark Lynn-Baker to Grace. We have seen how it affects people differently countless times. What we have also seen is people taking advantage of the chaos. Basically the entire Miracle National Park thing was partly based on taking advantage of the grief and curiosity of others. It makes a lot of sense that people are going to try to turn something bad into an advantage. People are going to try to make money off of it. This final season we hear of a mysterious group of people who claim to be able to send people to where the departed have gone. Nobody knows where those people are, that group included. But they say that they have found a way to send other people there. For a large amount of money of course. The first and obvious thought is that this is a scam. People trying to take advantage of the pain of a large group of people. But whatever that group is, they seem to have a lot of knowledge of the people they approach. There could be more to it. I think it makes sense that a group like that materializes after an event like the Sudden Departure and it’s yet another way the writers show us how people are dealing with a crazy event like that.

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What happened

Kevin and Nora arrive in Melbourne and check into a hotel. Nora receives instruction shortly after they arrive and leaves. Kevin thinks he says Evie alive and well on TV and hops in a cab towards the studio where the show is recorded. He follows a woman and confronts her. She says she is not Evie and doesn’t know what Kevin is talking about. A bystander intervenes and headbutts Kevin. Later he calls Laurie and tells her what happened. He gives her the name the woman he thinks is Evie goes by, she searches the name online and mentions that she works at the public library. When Kevin sends her a picture she warns him not to go near her but to just go back to his hotel and wait for Nora. he doesn’t listen and heads towards the library where he almost gets kicked out because of his questions and his strange behaviour. But the woman appears and she takes him to an office. She tells him that she is in fact Evie and just wants to have a new life and tells him not to say anything to her family. Kevin tells her to drop the accent after which the lady admits she was instructed to say those words. Kevin calls Laurie again. She tells him he is having a psychotic break and tells him to look at the picture again. He looks and realizes it is in fact not Evie.

Nora meets with two doctors in an abandoned building. She is examined first and after this they ask her a few questions and they answer a couple of Nora’s. When Nora fails to answer a final question to their satisfaction they say that the procedure is not for her and they leave abruptly, not even taking the money. Nora seems desperate and distraught when the doctors leave.

Back at the hotel Nora and Kevin have a major fight. Kevin had thrown the book of Kevin in the sink and put it on fire proper beforehand. Kevin packs his stuff and leaves the hotel while the fire alarm goes off and the hotel is being evacuated and the fire department arrives. Outside he sees his father who saw him on TV and had been looking for him since.

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What I liked

This was another great episode and it was great all around. From the moments of tension between Kevin and Nora at the airport to their separate journeys in Melbourne and their eventual fight back at the hotel. Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon are so great together. They manage to pull of showing us these wide ranges of emotions in an extremely convincing way. This show could be about just the two of them and it would not be bad.

Nora’s meeting with the mysterious people behind the departure-reunion-machine was great in all its weirdness. I was and still am convinced that it’s all a scam but during those scenes I was thinking, what if it is real? What if Nora actually goes through with it? I just loved watching all of that.

Kevin’s encounter with not-Evie was a little bit frustrating at moments because I wasn’t entirely sure where they were going with it. The fact that they didn’t show us the picture Kevin made of not-Evie made me sure that it wasn’t in fact her and if Evie was alive it would have been a major cop out. But for a few moments it looked like they were actually going with that storyline. Thankfully they didn’t. What is interesting is that they now actually confirm that Kevin has had mental issues. At least they seem to confirm that. Not that it’s a surprise per se but if you think about it. Despite all the stuff Kevin has gone through, even with ghost Patti, his delusions had real life ramifications. He died to deal with ghost Pattiy, he prevailed, and came back to life. Doesn’t that mean that there is a realness to his visions,delusions? Is he just partly crazy then? I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out.

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What I didn’t like

Nothing to dislike about this one. Its getting a bit boring I know but I don’t want to invent stuff to put in this section.

What I’m looking forward to

So Kevin walked away from Nora? I wonder where that goes. Is it permanent? I can’t imagine that it is. It seems to me there is still a lot that needs to happen between what we saw in this episode and the shot we saw of an older Nora denying the name Kevin meant anything to her. I’m also looking forward to see what happens now that Kevin is reunited with his father. I see more craziness ahead. And, the damn 7 year anniversary of the Sudden Departure of course! The end is near in more than one way.


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Despite the fact that not-Evie wasn’t Evie it was good to see the actress again.

Was that news report about the search for two Kevin’s real or not?

That shot of the sprinkler water running down Nora’s closed eyes was absolutely gorgeous!

Apparently Damon Lindelof has said that The Leftovers is a love story. While I wouldn’t describe it that way Kevin and Nora’s story is as complicated as it is interesting.

New song again for the opening/title sequence. Liked the previous one better.

The two doctors were talking in a different language a few times. The main one was talking Dutch but the other one clearly wasn’t. Not sure what language she was speaking.


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