The Leftovers Review: It’s A Matt Matt Matt Matt World

Matt has always been an interesting character. When we first met Nora’s priest brother he was trying his best to prove that the Sudden Departure was not the rapture. That’s understandable. If you get left behind as a priest it either was not the rapture or you were a shitty priest. A lot has happened to Matt since that crusade. A lot of bad stuff too. But he hasn’t lost his faith. If anything, hearing about all the things that have happened to Kevin, his faith seems stronger than ever. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure what role Matt was going to play this season. Especially when things moved to Australia. But our godly friend has a new mission. A new crusade. And that takes him to Australia in a Mad Mad Mad Mad episode.

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What happened

After a French soldier on a submarine fires off a nuke in the ocean all air traffic worldwide has been grounded. Kevin is stranded in Australia and Matt believes that Kevin needs to be in Jarden on the 7 year anniversary of the Sudden Departure. Matt arranges a relief plain and flies towards Melbourne but is rerouted to Tasmania. Michael, John and Laurie are with him. They end up on a ferry which was booked entirely by a cult of people worshipping Frasier the sensuous lion. Everyone on the boat is dressed in animal attire and everywhere are people having wild sex with each other. Matt has a run in with a man claiming to be god. He later sees that man throwing another man overboard but when Matt tells other people they either don’t care or don’t believe him.

Matt decides to take matters into his own hands and manages to knock the man claiming to be god out and tie him to a wheelchair. They have an interesting exchange and for a moment Matt seems to believe that the man is god. Just before the ferry arrives to captain approaches Matt and tells him that a fishing boat find a man in the water. They believe him now and the man claiming to be god will be arrested as soon as they arrive. When they do arrive the man tries to flee but one of the cult followers releases the lion that travelled on the ferry with them and the lion takes the man down. Matt finally tells everyone that he is dying because his childhood leukemia has returned.

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What I liked

The man who claimed to be god. We have seen him a couple times before. I really wonder who he is and what his role is in all this. Will we see him again? I thought he had an interesting take on god. I have seen many before. A demented god, an evil god. A god admitting that humanity was an experiment gone wrong. This one, a disinterested god was a nice take as well. Well played by the man. He almost seemed convincing. The cold open was gorgeous too. It was nicely shot and even though you’re not sure what is exactly going in it’s immediately captivating.

What I didn’t like

This episode was definitely my least favourite of the season so far. I can stand crazy. I mean, if I couldn’t then I wouldn’t have been able to stick with this series for this long. But the whole Frasier cult thing just didn’t really do it for me. And I also thought it was a brave thing of the writers to have such a self contained story so close to the finish line. If it wasn’t for a couple of plot points this would have been a wasted episode.

What I’m looking forward to

Will Matt and the others find Kevin and what will happen when they do? And will the 7 year anniversary be saved for the series finale? It’s starting to look more and more like it.


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So the guy playing God. who the hell is he? and  as we have seen him in the other place twice, will he come back again?

Matt is dying. I feel bad for him. He doesn’t seem to believe that staying in Jarden will save him.

Apparently the Frasier thing is all true and I have heard the story before I believe. And with all the crazy people in the real world I would be surprised if a cult like that really exists too.

No one has even spoken to Kevin recently so no one even knows if he wants to come back to Jarden. I do hope that we will see him and Nora together before the end. It would be sad of the hotel scene was the last one where we will see them together.

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