The Leftovers Review: The Most Powerful Man in the World (And His Identical Twin Brother)

The Leftovers has had some great episode titels. Some of them where already great and intriguing from the get-go while others only became so (or more so) after the particular episode aired. From International Assassin to Axis Mundi, from The Book of Kevin to It’s a Matt Matt Matt Matt World and from Ten Thirteen to Penguine One, Us Zero (really really love that one), this keeps on giving us awesome titles. The series finale is The Book of Nora which is a perfect title after the final season premiere The Book of Kevin and everything that has happened in between (including Damon Lindelof saying that The Leftovers is a lovestory) but the penultimate episode of the HBO drama’s swan song arguably has the best title off all. Especially after seeing it. The Most Powerful Man in the World (And His Identical Twin Brother). When first saw that it was going to be called that I just couldn’t wait to see the episode. Something called like that must be great right? It was! Let’s discuss what happened in another crazy episode of The Leftovers.

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What happened

In a flashback we see Kevin and Nora taking bath together. During an intimate and humourous conversation Nora implies that she would like Kevin to grow a beard. In the present Kevin wakes up on a beach and almost gets killed by some goon. Dean saves him and they go to Kevin’s cabin. He is Kevin Harvey the assassin again and his target is the president of the United States. Dean warns him not to look into any kind of reflective surfaces and starts breaking the ones he can find. Dean gives him an earpiece trough which he can commmunicate with mission control (the voice of the man who pretented to be God on the boat) and he tells him to look into a reflective surface. Kevin does and we transport with him to a different Kevin who is giving a speech and who is POTUS. He sees Grace’s kids but they don’t answer his question regarding their shoes. Evie inttterrupts the speech and he has her taken to his car. Inside the car he tells her Johns words but she thinks that her family died in a drone strike instead of the other way around. Then Kevin POTUS starts coughing up water and all of a sudden we are back in Australia.

Kevin sr tells Kevin that they pulled him out because he expected them all to do it together. Kevin tells Grace and John that he found their lost loved ones and gives them as much as he can. Grace is confused while John is happy and relieved. Kevin sr wants Kevin to go back to get the song from Christopher Sunday. The rest is reluctant to send him back but Kevin sr goes and does it anyway.

In the other world Secretary of Defense Patty tells Kevin POTUS that he is to launch all of the US’s nuclear arsenal. The Russians will do the same and the world will be destroyed. Assassin Kevin also arrived and he goes to the comms room and talks Christopher Sunday but the conversation ends without him receiving a song. He ends up in the situation room with Kevin POTUS. Both Kevin’s do not want the missiles to be launched especially because they will need a key that can only be retrieved by killing Assassin Kevin and cutting it out of him. After Patty reads a passage out of a book written by both Kevins which is about Nora they both agree to do it. POTUS cuts the key out of Assassin Kevin and launches the nukes destroying the other world.

Back in Australia the storm has ended. Kevin was gone so long that Kevin sr thought that he was truly gone. The old man is disillusioned and askes his son: What now?

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What I liked

This was an awesome episode and a great sequel to International Assassin. It had the usual The Leftover craziness and feels! That opening scene was gorgeous and touching. I really hope that Kevin and Nora will find each other again. I loved the absurdity of the other world and that it wasn’t an hotel again. I should have know that Kevin wouldn’t just succeed but the way it happened didn’t feel contrived or anything. It makes sense that the people there think that that world is real somehow. Kevin did the right thing by not going into details with John.

Justin Theroux’s acting was stellar again. I think he is an underrated actor. I wasn’t big on ghost Patty in season 2 but it was great to say her in this way and it was also great to see Megan again.

As often with this show the ending was strong. From the reading of the ending of that book written by the Kevins to the emotional words between to two of them when Assassin Kevin died. And then when Kevin wakes up again the chat he has with his father. Kevin sr is lost and that makes total sense.

The_Leftovers The_Most_Powerful_Man_in_the_World_and_His_Identical_Twin_Brother13

What I didn’t like

I should even bother putting this in here. Nothing to say.

What I’m looking forward to

So Kevin realizes that he messed up with Nora. That should mean that he goes after her right? Can’t wait to see what happens there. And like Kevin sr said, what now?


The_Leftovers The_Most_Powerful_Man_in_the_World_and_His_Identical_Twin_Brother5


Kevin on the beach really reminded my of Lost. Especially the outrigger scene. And speaking of Lost, if Lindelof will deliver another polarizing series finale a lot of fans with not be happy. I don’t think that is going to happen though.

Justin Theroux totally pulled his dual role off. I think I prefer him with a beard. #mancrush

It was so totally Kevin sr for him to pull his son out of the pool just because “they didn’t do it together”. He was big enough to take a backseat when needed but he wasn’t going to let his son save the world without him.

Even though I didn’t expect that the world was truly going to end with a flood nor did I think that it was going to be prevented by a song, the writers did make it suspenseful with that storm. It had people thinking, what if it’s actually going to happen?

So Liv Tyler was finally back! It was short but good. RIP Megan (and Evie)

It was already October 15th in Australia at the end of the episode. That’s the big day over there. The storm was over and the world was still spinning. What happened in the rest of the world? What happened in the rest of Australia even?

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