Game of Thrones Review: The Dragon and the Wolf

Questions. A lot of questions have surrounded Game of Thrones since the extremely ambitious project was first announced in 11 years ago. How are they gonna adapt such an epic fantasy series? How expensive will it be? Who is gonna play whom? There was endless speculation from the get go. And if there were a lot of questions even before the first episode aired that only increased exponentially with each season. Which character is going to betray which other character? Who will kick the bucket next? Will the showrunners remain true to the books or will they change even more? What on earth have they done to the Sand Snakes and Dorne?

Now that the penultimate season of the biggest show on earth has aired there is one major question on everyone’s head. When will the final season air? Please tell me the rumours aren’t true and we won’t have to wait until freaking 2019!!! After the sheer epicness of the Dragon and the Wolf a large part of GoT fandom died knowing that the wait will be long than ever. I am one of them and sit here typing with blue eyes shining bright. But no matter how awesome the season 7 finale was at times it also showcased the problems this season had as a whole. It had me raising questions and that distracted me. When did Sansa realize that Littlefinger was manipulating her and when did she discuss this with Arya? If they discussed it before why continue with the ruse? Why didn’t Bran say anything before? Why hasn’t he reached out yet to Jon? Why is he not doing anything against the Night King yet? How can zombie Viserion destroy the Wall so easily?

The odd thing about this season is that to get things moving in a condensed season the showrunners have oftentimes thrown logic out of the window just to move the plot forward. At the same time they have kept certain things moving at a snail’s pace just to stall it to the end of the season. Those decision have been to the detriment of the season as a whole but thankfully the bar has been raised so high that when they don’t reach it it’s very disappointing and still better than most shows on television at the same time.

What happened

During the meeting at the dragonpit Sandor released the wight. After the display Cersei grants the truce on the condition that Jon returns to Winterfell and doesn’t pick a side. Jon refuses and admits to already having sworn fealty to Dany. After that Cersei walks off. Tyrion goes in after her to persuade her to come back on her decision which she later does. She agrees to the truce and also promises to send her army North to help with the fight against the army of the dead. When Jaime later prepares to take the Lannister army North Cersei reveals that the has arranged for Euron to ferry the Golden Company to Westeros and to take back lost territory instead of sending her army North. This causes a split between the siblings and Jaime rides North on his own.

On the way to Dragonstone Jon and Dany have sex in Dany’s cabin. Back at Dragonstone Jon forgives Theon and Theon sets out to save Yara. In Winterfell Littlefinger continues to try to pit sister against sister. But they realize what he is doing and with the help of Bran’s knowledge they charge him with murder and treason and Arya executes him. When Sam arrives Bran and Sam come to the conclusion that Jon is a trueborn Targaryen named Aegon.

The army of the dead arrives at Eastwatch. The Night King arrives riding Viserion and they damage part of the wall. The army of the dead marched through the newly created opening.

What I liked

The Dragonpit! That was awesome. Having all those characters in the same place. Some of which haven’t seen each other since the very first episode. The exchanges between some of them were just great. I liked the one between Brienne and Sandor the most even though it was brief. Cersei and Tyrion together was also good but I really loved Jaime and Cersei. For a second I thought that he was actually going to die. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau continues to be the strongest actor on the show. He always delivers.

Littlefingers final scene was a good one too. I almost felt sorry for him. The scene after that with Sansa and Arya was gorgeous. Well written and well acted. The VFX were on point again especially at Eastwatch.

What I didn’t like

The fake out at Winterfell and the things that I mention in the introduction of this review. There is no reason for Bran to not talk other than plot reasons. And this is more a complaint about the entire season but there should have been more casualties. Especially during the wight grabbing mission.

What I’m looking forward to

Jon learning the truth and the consequences of that. The battle between the living and the dead. Jaime arriving North if that is what’s going to happen. Jon riding Rhaegal. And much much more.



So Viserion breaths blue fire. Is it cold fire? And why does that destroy the wall? I wonder.

Also, where is Ghost goddammnit!

Littlefinger is much more mysterious and also smarter in the books. It’s unclear what he actually wants and I feel that the showrunners have done the character a bit of a disservice. Especially when you have a great actor like Aidan Gillen. Great final scene for him though. And we might see him (or his face) again.

It has just been revealed that the production for season 8 will take a whopping 10 months. Thats double the time they normally spend. So a 2019 release seems reasonable.

I wonder what Dany is going to do when she finds out. If she accepts it and still wants to be with Jon then she would be his queen. If she accepts it but does not want to stay with him than she will just be the queen’s aunt. Maybe one of them will die to make way for the other.

As happy as I was the scenes at the Dragonpit, I did think that it was way too small. I cannot see multiple grown dragons fit in there. Especially not Balerion the Black Dread.

So, what was your favourite moment of the season finale? What was your favourite episode of season 7 and what are you most looking forward to? And who deserves the Iron Throne? Jon, Dany or the Night King? Let me know what you think.

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