Westworld Review: The Well-Tempered Clavier

As I have said before. With TV shows that rely heavily on mythology and holding back information there are two problems. One is, that when the reveals actually happen they cannot live up to the hype. This was one of the major issues a series like Lost had. The second problem is that the time spent on stalling is often not worthwhile. Audiences can live … Continue reading Westworld Review: The Well-Tempered Clavier

Westworld Review: Trace Decay

With series like Westworld there are always a lot of fan theories. Secrets, mysteries. Reading into things that are there or not. Every minor details is examined, read into and speculated about. Fans come up with the wildest theories. Sometimes they are right and more often they are not. With Game of Thrones I found reading fan theories quite entertaining. Especially by non book readers … Continue reading Westworld Review: Trace Decay

Westworld Review: Trompe L’Oeil

On Facebook HBO said that this promised to be a humdinger of an episode. First of all I love the word humdinger. Really. Secondly, they weren’t lying. Where with other shows like Lost the networks would broadcast on all channels that a big cliffhanger was coming and even that a main character was going to die, HBO has been much more silent about things like … Continue reading Westworld Review: Trompe L’Oeil

Westworld Review: Contrapasso

When expectations are high it’s very easy to be disappointed. So when I was reading about Westworld my expectation levels immediately skyrocketed and I was like “You had me at Jonathan (Nolan)”! He is well known for his writing work on his brother Christopher’s films but he had also just completed the highly underrated Person of Interest where he continued being one of the best … Continue reading Westworld Review: Contrapasso